Technical Support

To Obtain Technical Support

Delta General uses TeamViewer to temporarily access customers' PCs and for the purpose of aiding with technical problems related to use of our website or services. Using TeamViewer greatly improves our ability to give our customers fast and accurate results by allowing us to see and control their PC for a short time.

When a Delta General representative needs to start a remote connection, and you agree, you will be asked to visit this webpage and click on the blue graphic shown below.

Here is what happens when you grant us remote access:

After you click the blue button shown above, you will be redirected to a webpage that looks as shown. TeamViewer Quick Support component will automatically start downloading and you will need to authorize execution. This step is strictly browser dependent, but you will need to authorize "Run" or "Open" of the downloaded program.

Once the program has been authorized to run on your computer, you will be prompted to accept our terms of support.

Finally, the Delta General representative will prompt to view and control your desktop as shown below.

Once you click accept, a remote support window, like the one shown below will be displayed.

Once the connection has been established, both you and the Delta General representative will have the ability to see and control the computer. The Delta General representative will terminate the session at the conclusion of the call.

If you are a current employee of Delta General, please click here for emergency preparedness page.